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Thanks to the solutions and tools of modern business analytics, your organization’s employees will be able to analyze data and act promptly, based on the results of this analysis. To make informed decisions, you need to transform the work with data in the company. You need the most in-depth data analysis to always be up to date and notice trends in time.

Analysis of special offers

Evaluate the effectiveness of one-time promotions, launch one-time promo actions based on various features and for different groups of customers. You already know your customer well, his taste, preferences, and behavior. Use this knowledge to control the behavior of members. Stimulate the high average receipt, the regularity of purchases, buying of certain goods. Choose a target group, determine the reward, set the time of the offer, analyze the results. The analysis shows the effectiveness of special offers. Coverage of members, volume of purchases under the special offer, members’ activity, accrued and written off bonuses. Enables to compare two or more promo offers at the same time, bringing results into one graph.

Analytics / RFM Analysis / ABC / XYZ / Cluster

Analysis of consumer activity using various modules, the amount of the check and the specific product, date and time, card number and telephone number of the participant, bonuses accrued and debited, the point of sale at which the purchase was made. All these data are in the section "Sales Analysis". Filter operations by any indicator, get detailed information. Recency Frequency Monetary. Prescription, frequency, amount of the check. The combination of these three parameters will help to segment customers by the degree of loyalty to your product. Find out your key customers, the most loyal, casual, defectors, promising and unpromising. Knowing the customer’s buying behavior, conduct highly targeted, personalized promotions. Return and retain customers, maintain and strengthen loyalty.

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