Customer Retention, Return and Promotion

Creation of advertising campaigns with the development of a bonus program, discount mechanics and various terms of reward. The coupon module allows you to create them at various levels: purchase or customer action. The activation of such coupons may be specifically for a product or service. Additionally, we offer a module of gift bonuses (with a separate term of combustion) or collection of chips for the exchange of goods or services.


Stock constructor

Create special offers for various conditions (triggers) and with various mechanics: bonuses or discounts. Indicate the priority of the shares among themselves, the restrictions on the days or time intervals. When creating an action, you have the opportunity to fill out information about it: description, banner - this information will be published in a mobile application or personal account, also, it can be used in newsletters.

Coupons and certificates

Personalized coupons with various activation and application options. Discount or bonus, activation for all products, a group of products or for a specific product. Reusable or one-time activation, as well as the validity period of the coupon with priorities.

Gift Bonuses

Create special gift bonuses and accrue with a certain expiration date. Such bonuses have the highest priority for debiting and can be accrued both to the entire customer base and to a specific segment. For example, those who fell into the outflow last month.

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