Loyalty program for various types of business

One of the goals of each brand is to win customers’ loyalty and increase the business’s financial performance. To do this, companies regularly create best offers to involve customers in active interaction with the brand. But how to turn motivation mechanisms into achievable and concrete results?

To increase the level of satisfaction and achieve the emotional component, you need to retain clients through personalization and various motivating and rewarding conditions.

What is loyalty?

Loyalty – faithfulness, a commitment by different reasons of buyers and consumers to the brand and product. Quality satisfaction of the main consumer’s desire generates loyalty.

  • Regular purchases and consumption of goods and services
  • managed through a network of customer communication
  • that have a positive effect on business performance.

What is a loyalty program?

Loyalty program – a complex of technologies and activities for working with clients, including:

  • collection of data on consumer behavior and identification;
  • analysis of this information using CRM modules;
  • impact on customers in order to correct their behavior and attitudes.
Define the goal
Choose the type of program and mechanics
Create a strategy
Make configurations and launch

mLoyalty – your trusted choice of tools for working with clients

The mLoyalty platform contains a complete set of tools with which you can configure the loyalty program that best fits your needs.

  • loyalty bonus program;
  • loyalty bonus-discount program;
  • coupons, promotional codes and vouchers;
  • premium service;
  • value-added services.
Information about customers

detailed information about customers and possibility of leverage over the consumer behavior

Stimulating sales

stimulating sales by means of constant multi-channel communication


creating personalized promo actions, entailing increased customer expenses

Stock Keeping Unit

reducing expenses for searching the customers and increasing the level of their retention, rewarding the customers based on SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

Advantages for the program member

  • personalized offers and rewards in the right place and at the right time;
  • collection of points in real time and their rapid exchange;
  • the possibility of accelerated receipt of incentive prizes, thanks to various marketing proposals and various promo actions, such as lotteries, auctions, offers from partners;
  • more privileges and benefits for the best customers and frequent buyers;
  • quick access to the account in the loyalty program through a smartphone application or a customer portal;
  • monitoring your own activities and promotion in the program.

Why choose us?

The mLoyalty platform supports various algorithms that regulate the rules of charging and writing-off the bonuses, which when combined can design an effective and unique program.


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