Coalition Loyalty Program

It is easy to find a wide range of instruments for maximizing your company’s profits and attracting new customers. However, one of the most efficient and rewarding examples is building a loyalty system for your brand. Any existing field of business can benefit greatly from incorporating loyalty solutions. It is currently widely used in all kinds of retail, hotel and restaurant business, fuel retail and even telecommunications. There are many other examples, although the above-mentioned spheres utilize their rewarding programs the most.

There is a specific type of rewards solutions usually proffered by smaller or medium businesses. It is called a coalition loyalty system. mLoyalty coalition programs are developed for working with two or more companies at the same time. Such a coalition opens new opportunities for each company involved and its clients as well. There are many examples of similar systems in the modern market.

The Advantages of Utilizing a Coalition Rewarding Program for Companies

The coalition loyalty solutions work in a similar way as any program developed for a single business. However, they have some additional benefits, which many companies find quite valuable.

Here are some examples of the advantages offered to the companies working under a coalition system:

  • Cost efficiency – the funding of the project is divided equally between all the businesses participating in the coalition, which makes developing and maintaining such a program more affordable;
  • Setting up loyalty solutions – there is no unified scheme for the system, which allows the companies to choose all the necessary rewards and a type of the program;
  • Reviewing customer information – with an extensive set of tools, you will be able to analyze and categorize the client base of the entire coalition, obtaining valuable data for the loyalty program;
  • Possibilities for communication – there is a number of communication channels available for delivering information to the coalition’s clients.

The Benefits of Participating in Coalition Loyalty Programs for Customers

There are actually new opportunities for clients as well due to the accessibility of such programs. They offer the same benefits as a normal loyalty system but even multiplied. This means that you will receive even more bonuses, rewards, nice deals, and discounts. Moreover, you will need one bonus card instead of multiple cards for each company.

Here are some of the features you might enjoy as a client:

  • Targeted offers – you will receive only the best deals that you might like. An algorithm will select the most suitable examples from all the companies participating in the coalition program and send them to you;
  • Collecting bonus points – the bonus points will be accumulated on your plastic card for future exchange. There will also be a virtual bonus card in the application for storing points and exchanging them for rewards, discounts, presents, etc.;
  • Bonuses for loyal customers – each dedicated customer will receive additional benefits from multiple brands of the coalition in return for his or her loyalty and using their goods and services;
  • Account management – a customer’s profile has simple and quick access via a browser on your computer, smartphone or mobile application. The loyalty app has a user-friendly interface with convenient features.

The Pros of Using the Coalition System

Such a business partnership shows great results in efficiency and profitability. Both businesses in a coalition and participants of the loyalty program will benefit from it greatly. There are many examples of successful brands participating in similar projects, and their customers receive valuable rewards.

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