Automate customer notification of events

Creating mass and personal mailings via SMS, e-mail, push, viber, creating trigger communications, automating basic mailings: account status, burning bonuses, flexible personalization of mailings using meta variables, journaling and reporting of sending and delivery of newsletters.

Mailing list module

E-mail, push, SMS, effective communication tools are needed for successful program performance. Create mailing lists and templates to inform about new arrangements, products, and events. Create event alerts – registration, payment, charging or writing off. Choose how you want to inform the members – SMS, Push, E-mail. Track the shipping statistics.


The Consumer Compliance Index for a product or company (readiness to recommend index) is used to measure readiness for repeat purchases.

  • creating surveys for the entire client group or segment;
  • channels for participating in surveys: mobile application, personal account, direct link, email, sms;
  • statistics for each survey (reporting);
  • the ability to create customer segments by answers, for further communication;

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