Mobile wallet in your application

Now customers will be able to use your application every day when paying for any purchase. Cash and even banking, plastic cards are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and mobile wallets are replacing them. To pay for the goods, it is enough to have a smartphone with the installed mobile application. We give the opportunity to garter any bank card and pay from it by scanning the QR code with the cashier. This is convenient, because the client presents his QR code once, we get the opportunity: to pay for the purchase, receive or write off bonuses, activate coupons or special offers.


Customer loyalty is not only bonuses but also services:

Why payment services and how can they be useful?

It is worth noting that to hook the client, it is not enough to know and reward him well. Based on the data, you need to introduce additional payment services, which in one way or another can expand the possibilities of influencing the behavior of your client:

  • apply Up-sell, Cross-sell when the client scanned the product using the mobile application;
  • after scanning, you can collect extra. information and analyze what he was interested in and what the client bought;
  • this makes it possible to personally send offers in the hall before visiting the checkout;
  • as a result, you have the opportunity to timely influence the decision.

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