Your business's loyalty management

We will implement any model of a loyalty program:
mono-brand, partner or coalition,
with any type of communication with the client with your customers

Loyalty management platform mLoyalty

Automated Management Platform for any level of Loyalty Program complexity, designed for flexible management, data collection and processing, launch of advertising campaigns and reporting

Do not waste resources

Use the mLoyalty in order not to waste your resources on endless technical tasks. Integrate once and use the Toolkit to build relationships with customers from one place.

Automate your processes

Automate your processes of relationship with customers with help of the mLoyalty. Use all the features of the platform to increase the efficiency of certain Services with our tools.

We have the tools that you need

allows you to work with every aspect of loyalty programs – a single processing center that collects all the information about transactions, serves as a common repository of complete clients’ data, provides the necessary tools for building effective relationships with the client and forming his loyalty.

Manage your loyalty programs

An intuitive interface of loyalty program management provides quick access to customer information and offers a set of modules to work effectively in the system.

Loyalty Program Configuration

After setting up the system, you specify all the conditions of the loyalty program (operating permanently or dynamically).

Data processing and segmentation

Get customer data from various channels - we offer the creation of an omnichannel client identifier. Registering customers through different channels and collecting purchases data: filling in a dynamic questionnaire, registering in a personal account or online store, registering a customer using a mobile application, or using alternative channels as chatbots, tablets, etc.

Conduct data analysis

With the help of an analytical loyalty module, you can get answers to your questions. Create groups of customers based on various factors: personal and/or purchasing behavior. Then use created segments in the marketing campaigns builder to create targeted offers.

Promo offers builder, coupons

ABC Loyalty enables to create various promotional mechanics, to manage promotions priorities, and limits.

Communication with your customers

Automated E-mail, SMS, PUSH campaigns, tied to the events from the lives of your customers. Customize notifications - put the customer in the center of attention and create ideal offers for him, let every customer feel special.

Product management

We collect data about your product grid, compare it with the client's portrait, and give opportunities to launch special offers using various mechanisms.


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about Consumer behavior - customer identification through all available channels.


create attractive offers (benefits) in exchange for visiting your network.


collect information about consumer behavior, work with customer churn, increase CLV and attract new customers.


increase purchasing frequency, increase the average bill due to the use of CRM tools.


segment customer base based on the characteristics of consumer behavior, study customer behavior (purchases, surveys, appeals).


retention of your customers due to the use of personalized offers.


impact on clients - be in real time communication with a client (right messages, in time reaction to a problem, personal rewards).


by working with a customer base, you can increase network revenues from manufacturers, distributors, cross-branded sales.



    We perform an analysis of the loyalty program implementation; in order to do this, you need to fill in the document called ‘Questionnaire’; after agreeing upon all the details, we conclude the Agreement.

    Further after agreeing upon the details, we proceed to the implementation of the system: setting up the working environment and integrating the cashier software. At this stage, we advise you to start printing cards.

    After successful integration, you need to do thorough testing and be ready for startup. At this time, you need to start an advertising campaign with announcement of the loyalty program startup.

    After testing, the loyalty program is ready for startup.

    Startup is only the first step to building successful relationship with your clients; we accompany you during the whole life cycle of the loyalty program.

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1st place in the Best Loyalty Program nomination

According to the results of the online award in the B2B segment from PaySpace Magazine, we won the first place in the category “Best Loyalty Program in retail 2016”, the leading brands of Ukraine are standing alongside!