Customer segmentation and data management module

360 ° customer review and analysis of data from online and offline stores. Form a complete profile of a customer, his consumer basket and purchasing power in his own CRM system.

The module collects the client base from different registration channels: contact center, website, mobile application, cash desk and identifies the client by phone, geolocation and e-mail. Filters clients by specified parameters.

User’s profile

Detailed information on each member of the program. Get detailed information about each member in the loyalty program. Demographic portrait, transaction history, regularity of purchases, the most visited sales outlet, average receipt, accrued and written off bonuses, RFM affiliation.

Data management

Grouping users based on the features. Group users for trading or marketing campaigns. Combine them according to age and sex, geography and family status, having pets and regularity of visiting a store, registration dates and purchases over the past week. Save the groups and manage their dynamics.

Card module and Anti-Fraud

Identifiers of a user, user map as a main identifier of member in the program. Generate any number of cards of different types (BarCode, QR Code). Set the required format and assign the current status. Track usage dynamics. Track suspicious maps and learn their dynamics.

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