Mobile wallet for loyalty programs

The phone number is the main identifier in the mLoyalty platform. Based on it we track all customers’ purchases and actions. We offer our clients to create omnichannel communications, which allows us to put the client in the center of attention of the brand and to create ideal offers for the customer.


mLoyalty wallet is a unique internal identifier of a loyalty program participant to which a mobile phone number is associated. For bonus processing, one or more promotions can correspond to the user’s main wallet.

Customer IDs?

The customer indicates his mobile number and card number for registration. He receives SMS with a confirmation password. Thus, the card is only the access code to the bonus wallet. The phone number in CRM is the wallet (balance) identifier of each Loyalty Program Participant.


Basic mWallet Mobile app functionality

Registration Channel

registration, filling out personal data, the process is the same as in your personal account.

Bonus account and full story

displays detailed information about purchases (date, time, place of purchase, what was in the purchase, how many bonuses and discounts received, whether there was a payment)

List of stocks and specials. suggestions

Personal promotions, informational messages that are created in the system and displayed in the mobile application for loyalty.

Mobile app polls

Personal NPS polls for voting and measuring various indexes.

Cashier ID

card information, including displaying a virtual card for payment: QR, BarCode, NFC. Card Lock, Replace, Attach.

Coupons and Tips

list of coupons and activation conditions, collection and activation of tips for a specific purchase

Retail coverage map

coverage map of the distribution network with information (opening hours, contacts) with the ability to build a route to each outlet.

Loyalty program partners list

for affiliate programs, a list of partners is provided: pharmacies, food, fashion, gas stations, etc.


The classic functionality of the mobile application for loyalty mWallet

If you want the client not only to be able to present an electronic loyalty card at the cash register, but also to be able to see information about accrued and debited bonuses, card balance, it is necessary that the loyalty program be integrated with your mobile wallet. The client at the checkout counter allows you to scan your electronic loyalty card and in real time sees the accrual and deduction of bonuses.

Use the finished application in the White Label format or integrate with your current application to get all the functionality.