Loyalty Programs for Coffee Shop

Coffee shops recognize the need for loyalty programs implementation, which is, in part, driven by the stiff competition on the market. However, the ready-to-drink coffee market has a specific approach to rewarding loyal customers, which involves more digitalized services and closer interactions with clients. The basis for loyalty programs is always similar – the more customers spend, the more funds they get back in the form of various bonuses. This concept works everywhere, from retail to financial services, but the details significantly vary from one industry to another. Coffee shops are frequently using coupons to promote their products. They can be of more traditional appearance, such as paper and plastic cards, or completely digital, built into dedicated apps. Digital coupons are used more and more widely, and they would likely replace physical ones in the nearest future. Using mobile apps and digital coupons to promote a shop’s services saves time for both the staff and the customers. It eliminates the need to fill application forms in the store and wait for a plastic card to be processed and issued to the client.

Loyalty Programs’ Advantages for Businesses

Coffee shops that implement reward programs for customers experience significant growth in sales. Eighty percent of clients state that they are more likely to purchase from the company that offers bonuses for its returning customers. Besides, 55% of respondents point out that they would share information about such a company with their friends. A digitalized loyalty program, which involves building a dedicated app, provides store owners with much more information than physical cards, either plastic or paper. Insights on how often a certain customer makes purchases, how much they commonly spend, and which products they prefer allow coffee sellers to personalize offers and provide more customized service. Loyalty programs built on this basis increase revenues from each particular client since they provide buyers with more motivation to purchase their favorite products. There is no point in promoting latte to a person who drinks only espresso, isn’t it?

How Can Customers Benefit from These Promotions?

Direct benefits that frequent buyers can get from loyalty programs include receiving some products and services free-of-charge as well as a price cut on their favorite goods. A returning customer is more likely to share a positive experience with the company on social networks, raising awareness about the business. Digitalized loyalty programs are also beneficial for clients since they wouldn’t have to spend time in queues waiting for their membership cards and filling application forms. Customers would more likely purchase from a company that gathers all their coupons in one app since this approach is much more convenient than carrying around plastic cards.

Integration of Bonuses and Promotions into Businesses’ Daily Operations

Developing an app that is capable of gathering all customer’s coupons, tracking their activity, and informing them about valuable bonuses is not an easy task. Besides, coffee shops are usually small businesses that don’t possess many spare funds for research and data analysis. What can a shop owner do in this situation? Ask professionals for help! mLoyalty knows how to develop solutions for companies of any scale. It concentrates on using a comprehensive analytical approach to build customizable and efficient loyalty programs.

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