About Us

We are a team specializing in the implementation of loyalty programs of various formats: a loyalty program for the retail network, a coalition loyalty program, an affiliate program or a loyalty program for the manufacturer. Our loyalty management platform mLoyalty is a new technology for automating loyalty programs. mLoyalty – is a single window for all marketing campaigns management, analysis, and customer communication tools.


With each new client, we combine the experience of the most successful completed cases and proven tools of loyalty programs.

If we imagine the technical components of these processes, it becomes clear that a promising loyalty program can only be built on a powerful technological platform. We offer effective strategies and cases, new approaches, projects and ideas with which you can create an effective loyalty program.




Our processing of bonuses, which is based on a payment system (processing of a virtual unit: marketing or settlement one) guarantees the security and maximum processing speed of transactions. We have the opportunity to process the bonuses, points, liters, cups of coffee. We provide full control over the members’ transactions and offer a ready-made solution for creating the bonus loyalty program.


We use our own developed M-CRM cloud-based tool to manage the Loyalty Program: flexible rules for setting up the mechanisms of bonus charging (continuous or promotional), collecting and processing of data about your customers, further processing and analyzing of data with the ability to create common segments. Marketing tools for communicating with the members at a different level: adjustment of promo actions (the additional time-limited conditions that are effective in case of purchase or marketing actions of a customer + informational, accompanying messages (notifications) and mailing lists – email/sms/push). In addition, the system has various modules: promo codes, coupons, gift certificates.


Tools for Buyers: creating and generating a unique, single tool called the “Bonus Wallet”, an opportunity to generate the necessary type and number of cards for checkout operations or at the online stores. A smartphone application with unique capabilities for interacting with your customers (registration, balance, purchasing history, promo actions, promo codes (coupons), gift certificates). Registration of customers: collecting and processing of data from various channels – a customer’s personal account on the website, registration in your smartphone application or in the self-service terminal.


We offer a fully open API documentation for integrating the components of the platform with your IT infrastructure: checkout, accounting system, creating a personal account at the website, smartphone application, etc. Thus, you get a complete core – the OmniChanel.

Launching a loyalty program helps a company to achieve the following goals:

  • LTV Growth

    Increase customer lifetime value (Lifetime Value, LTV) by motivating repeated purchases, controlling consumer behavior and creating personalized offers.
  • Increase customer retention

    With the increase of the status in the loyalty program, the client is less ready to give up all privileges and go to a competitor.
  • Word of mouth

    Satisfied customers will not only increase your NPS and CSAT performance but will also create a word of mouth effect, which in turn will attract new clients.
  • Upsell

    Properly configured loyalty programs lead to an increase in the proportion of customers expanding their subscription/starting to buy more.
  • Reducing costs

    The cost of retaining the current client is much less than the expense of attracting a new one. So, let’s see what tools we can use to create a loyalty program in order to achieve these goals.


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