Loyalty Programs for Hairdresser and Beauty Salons

Usually, every customer has a specific beauty salon they can trust. It takes time to find a hair stylist who will satisfy all your requirements, which is why companies dealing with hairdressing always treasure each and every client. Developing a loyalty program is a winning strategy for attracting new customers and enlarging a loyal client base.

The mLoyalty company offers customized loyalty solutions and makes it possible to create a perfect rewarding program. The software is built based on your specifications, allowing various opportunities for you and your customers. It becomes much easier to distribute loyalty points, manage bonuses and rewards.

The Advantages of Creating a Loyalty Program for Hairdressers

In order to satisfy even the most sophisticated client, you can count on a loyalty program developed with the help of mLoyalty. In addition to professional beauty services and skilled employees, every salon should have a rewards program with an integrated app.

Here are the best features you can enjoy while using the loyalty software:

  • Configuring the program – each industry has different requirements regarding loyalty solutions, and a beauty salon is not an exception. You can choose rewards, bonus points or a gift card you want to provide for your clients;
  • Analyzing customers’ data – information about each client will be stored in the program for you to have a better insight into customer satisfaction and the most popular services at your salon;
  • Easy customer categorization – with the help of convenient tools for categorizing clients, you will be able to divide all the visitors into smaller groups based on different characteristics. It will make the process of sending targeted letters and rewards much easier;
  • Communication methods – with a variety of communication options, you will be able to select the most efficient ones to cater to your clients. With e-mail, PUSH-notifications, and SMS at hand, it is simple to cover all the customers.

  • The Benefits of Rewarding Programs for Hair and Beauty Salon Clients

    It is always nice to receive bonuses and discounts for using specific services. Through granting special offers and gifting a loyalty card to a customer, each hairdressing salon shows its appreciation and desire to continue providing high-quality services.

    These are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a customer:

  • Special offers – based on your usual preferences in beauty services and service ratings, you will receive certain deals made specifically for you. This eliminates unwanted notifications from a program with the offers that will not interest you;
  • Collecting bonuses – in the app, you will have the ability to manage all your discounts, offers, and bonuses easily. With the user-friendly design, the process of navigating the application will be extremely simple;
  • Account registration and logging in – the loyalty account will allow for versatility in access. Depending on your preferences, you will be able to use a browser or an application. The program supports both Android and iOS smartphones.

  • The Efficiency of Integrating a Loyalty Program for Hairdressing Salons

    In order to create a successful beauty salon, it is important to put effort into growing a dedicated customer base. Compensating their loyalty with rewards, discounts on hair care services and other bonuses will attract more new visitors and make them stay with you. The program includes a special loyalty card that can be given to each customer. With it, they will be able to enjoy everything your beauty salon has to offer. Thanks to a loyalty program, your company image will grow as well as the income.

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